I am feeling Singapore.  No, like really feeling Singapore.  Meaning: IT'S HOT.  It's so hot.  It was like ninety-five degrees today.  Like the humid sweaty kind of ninety-five.  Not the "yay it's summer" kind of ninety-five.  And people are just ignoring that.  I saw a woman today wearing tights and a blazer!!  I get it...  You are a professional.  You have a job.  But you are outside of the office.  The first day I got here there was a road race going on (which they didn't close the streets for- hundreds of runners just weaving their way along the sidewalk with all the other non-participating pedestrians) and I saw two Muslim girls running in long sleeves, leggings and their hijabs!!!  Good for them.  That is some fucking dedication.  I on the other hand refuse to wear any shirt that has sleeves.

Ok, you get the point.  It's hot.  

Onto the good stuff.  I LOVE IT HERE!!  Why?  T H E  F O O D .  It is so good.  Good enough to make me forget that I am sitting on the terrace in said tank top sweating my face off while I eat.  There is free breakfast at the hostel I am staying at which is usually does not fall under the category of things worth mentioning except that here it means that I discovered two things I now love.  The first being the tarik.  It's a tea that is mixed with milk and "pulled" (or poured back and forth between two cups) to make it foamy on top.  It is like a latte for people who don't like coffee.  It tastes slightly like hot chocolate.  It is GOOD.  The second thing is kaya.  Kaya is basically coconut jam and it is basically fucking awesome.  Spread it on some fluffily white toast and you are in heaven.  Mmmm.

Next on the list of honorable mentions is the Hawker Center.  Basically these are giant stand alone food courts.  There is a big one right by where I am staying which I was glad to discover the first day I got here when I was doing a little walk to scout the neighborhood.  I have eaten lunch and dinner there every day.  And it is cheap.  Sooo cheap.  This comes as such a relief after being in Australia where I could easily drop $18 at lunchtime getting a sandwich a drink and some chips.  My dinner tonight was $6, so good, and extremely filling.  I am going with the Anthony Bourdain (my mentor in all things) method and eating at any stall that has a long line- that's how you know it must be good.  I have yet to be disappointed.  

Have I talked enough about the food now?  Hmmm, what else is there.  I saw some cool gardens today...the architecture is pretty amazing... Nope.  The food is the best part.

On that note I think I'll go grab a snack....

*Meant to be sung to the tune of "Good Morning Baltimore" from the film Hairspray by John Waters


Things have turned around.  My last main post was me bitching about how I don't like to make plans and complaining about my poor pampered life of leisure in Australia where I just couldn't figure out what to do next.  As you know I decided to go to surf camp.  YESSS!  It was awesome.  I am in Singapore now but I have just spent the morning reflecting on my last week in Oz and reliving every green wave I caught in my mind (and trying to ignore the repellent laugh of the girl in the room next to me- bitch needs to quiet down).  I'm all over surfing.  Hook, line and sinker. 

As I mentioned before I got a bit of a foundation surfing in Costa Rica with my friend Jimmy.  He was an excellent teacher but while I was there I was having trouble with the curve.  And the massive size of the waves didn't help my confidence- it's hard to take off on a wave when you are e̶i̶g̶h̶t̶y̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶c̶e̶n̶t̶ ninety-nine percent sure you are going to eat shit at the bottom of a shallow beach break.  However, paddling out into those massive (to me) waves in Costa Rica made the waves the first couple of days in Spot X look so much more manageable.  Not to mention I got to start at the beginning again riding in the white wash.  Heading out into the small waves to do something I had done a hundred (maybe fifty) times before I was like "I got this, muthafucka!"  All this newfound confidence helped me progress a lot more quickly and I was surfing massive green waves all over the place by the end of the week (in my mind, all in my mind- in reality they were small to medium size waves and my stance probably looked like a toddler learning to walk).  It felt AMAZING!  

Now all there is to do is plot how to surf as much as possible for the rest of this trip...

Signing out,




P.S. Skied is the term I kept accidentally typing to Jimmy in my excitement to tell him how "skied" I was.  I am going with it. 

Oh and the Pro Surf Tips/Tricks/and Knowledge as promised:

-If you are a girl your bottoms will not stay on.  It doesn't matter how tight they are.  Wear boardies.  Or a wetsuit.  Or suspenders.  For the sake of your instructors.  SUNS OUT BUNS OUT! < - - I'm trying to make that phrase a thing.

-You will have Martha Washington hair.  Remember when you were little and you would pull your head out of the water back-of-the-head first and then flip your hair over to make a colonial hair do known locally as the "Martha Washington".  You will have this and not be able to fix it while on your board.  Roll with it.  Surfer dudes love it.

-You are going to get slammed by a wave and held to the bottom.  Use the time to reflect on your life or write a song.

-When you come up you will get slammed again.  Use the time to work on your novel.

-Urine is natures lag warmer.  Sorry.

-PawPaw will help prevent board rash.  If you don't know ask somebody (somebody Australian).


This is an update on the Blue Starfish Incident of 2014: The following image is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.  My friend, Josh Bradford M.D. (mentally disturbed) pulled the barb shown in the image out of my toe about one week ago.  

Said barb was in my toe for about 3 weeks.  Special shoutout to the Sydney doctor who probed around in my foot with a needle (and no numbing cream) and did not find this.  Josh is coming for your job.  


Today my dad found my first passport!  It was issued to my mom in Okinawa in 1984 so that she could bring me home to Maryland.  This has gotten me excited to add some more stamps to my current passport (in which I look much less passed out and way more excited to be going somewhere).  Hopefully I can make it back to Okinawa at some point on this trip!

P.S. Why is this picture in black and white?  I mean it was 1984... get it together, American Embassy!